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Pave the path to build community-centric digital commerce

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Define digital commerce for tomorrow's Kochi. . . . .

Today, you, the open kochi pioneer have an unprecedented opportunity and responsibility at hand.
You can ensure that digital commerce will be inclusive in tomorrow’s kochi. You can fortify digital commerce with the foundations that make kochi unique a strong sense of community, mutual respect for all and openness in thoughts. You can lead the way to show the rest of the world that digital commerce and the internet can and will serve our communities and not the other way around.

A network of carriers both big and small. . . . .

It does not matter how small a business is, who they are or how established the business is Open Kochi has an equal place for all. 2020 has been rough on so many of the businesses in your community. Come and participate to build their future with them, and show the world how Kochi does it.

A wiser, inclusive World Wide Web.. . . . .

When the pioneers of Kochi, people like you, participate together as one community and build open kochi, great things happen. Together, kochi can reclaim the internet as a tool for communication to strengthen our communities. When that happens, it is not just Kochi that becomes wiser, the whole world follows by learning from Open Kochi idea and all its Pioneers.

Participate to build the future of Open Kochi

You may be the kind of person who likes to tinker with things, or discuss breakthroughs in technology. Maybe you reach for a piece of paper and a pencil when explaining an idea to someone. Do you ever look at the space around you and wonder what could I do to make this better?
If so, we’d like you to join us.
It’s an invitation for you to join us in the early stages and behind the scenes of our projects. It’s also an opportunity for us to learn from our community, get inspired and broaden our horizons.
Once you’re part of Beta Community, you will have access to our early software and releases. And we will use your feedback to further develop accessible, decentralized tools that can help create an Open Kochi.
To shape the experience of an inclusive and decentralized Open Kochi, download the Yatri app and give us your feedback.
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