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Kochi Open Mobility Network, an initiative of the Kochi Metropolitan Transport Authority to support the local community in Kochi. KOMN, drives the integration of urban transport-across modes using technology, which is a key objective of Kochi MTA. KOMN, is one of the novel initiatives towards digitising mobility, where all mobility apps in the network are built in such a way as to enable them to communicate with each other in the same language. This offers an open interoperability led integration approach that is akin to the design of the Internet itself and to the UPI payments open infrastructure in India that has witnessed population scale adoption in a noticeably short period of time across the country.
Kochi MTA, backed by the Kerala MTA Act -November 2019, is the first authority of its kind in India to integrate, plan and regulate different commuting modes. KMTA is proud to power KOMN – the world’s first inclusive, multimodal mobility network enabled by open specifications of beckn protocol.
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You can install Yatri app, the first app on KOMN for customers to access a choice of taxi services in the city. You have access to multiple cab service providers across the city, you can book the one that’s easy for you. And for the local driver, you can use Yatri Partner app to get yourself enrolled through an aggregator or an agency of your choice. You are in an open field where any passenger can easily spot you. Less marketing costs, more visibility. No third party is charging a commission for the trips you make. A fair world.

The vision for Kochi Open Mobility Network. . . . .

Yatri, now with multiple choice of taxi providers, will soon provide multiple modes of transportation in Kochi including auto rickshaws and buses. But Yatri will soon become just another app in the network. KOMN will allow you to book ferries to metro to buses to even rent bicycles. KOMN will also help you to find parking spots, find EV charging stations, and expand to the hospitality and healthcare sector. KOMN doesn’t end there. It will keep expanding and we will play a role in this expansion. Today Kochi. Tomorrow Kerala. Let’s welcome this open fair world.
“I am happy to be a part of the growth of Kochi Open Mobility Network . It is world’s first open and inclusive mobility network of its kind and Kerala leads it with pride. Our mission is two-fold: provide a valuable community service to our citizens and provide a means of self-sustenance for our mobility service providers. It is fair, transparent and digital. It is for our community.”
– Shanavas S, IAS, CEO, Kochi Metropolitan Transport Authority
“An open mobility protocol creates opportunity to provide commuter centric, seamless and inclusive mobility. Kochi has been in the forefront of innovation in mobility and KOMN has the potential to open up access to previously untapped mobility options. Congratulating Kochi MTA for launching KOMN! WRI is excited to be supporting KOMN and KMTA in this journey.”
– OP Agarwal, (IAS Retd.), CEO, WRI India
“The primary objective of the Kochi MTA is to coordinate all the transport systems in Kochi. That is why the Kochi Open Mobility Network is being launched on the basis of information technology. In this way, the passenger can be taken at the fingertips of a continuous journey and all the transport systems can be adjusted according to the needs of the passenger under a single system. This will be the humble beginning of a big change. Join KMTA for a smooth and safe journey.”
– Shaji Madhavan , Special Officer, Kochi MTA & Deputy Transport Commissioner, Ernakulam
“Transportation is a key service which is foundational for development. Today’s challenges facing this sector can be solved through the synergies from interoperability across the various transportation modes/systems. The Kochi Open Mobility Network is the world’s first initiative to achieve the goal of creating a naturally interoperable public transport network comprising of all modes from taxis, autos, trains, metro, buses, boats and even air. Here, instead of competing, the different modes of transport cooperate to strengthen the public transport network and bring palpable changes in the lives of daily commuters. The project is being spearheaded by Kochi Metropolitan Transport Authority, the first authority of its kind in India to integrate, plan and regulate different commuting modes, established through the KMTA Act approved by the State Legislative Assembly.”
– Adarsakumar G Nair, Mobility & Road Safety Expert
“The bus auto-rickshaw taxi sector is one of the most sought after industries in the self-employed sector and the taxi sector is the most exploited. Kochi Open Mobility Network is a joint venture between the Kochi Metro and the government at the government level to address the problems in the sector through continuous trade union intervention. There is no doubt that the living standards of the workers who become members of it will be high. Therefore, the cooperation of all workers is expected”
– Harilal K J, Ernakulam Jilla Car Drivers Union, Joint Secretary CITU Ernakulam District
“KTDO would like to extend its congratulations and best wishes to the Kochi Open Mobility Network, a project led by KMTA in Kochi. We hope that this initiative, which will benefit the general public and those working in the field, will grow from Kochi to become a giant tree by combining different modes of transport.”
– Sujith Soman, State Councillor, Kerala Taxi Driver’s Organization
“For the first time in India, the Kochi Metropolitan Transport Authority’s online platform will bring together all public transport systems under one umbrella. This system will be useful to the auto and taxi drivers working in this sector as well as to the general public”
Shiyas C A, Treasurer, Drivers Cooperative Society (DCS)
“The transport system can be equated to the blood flow in the human body. We need a mode of transportation that runs on time and is free of blocks. The need of the hour is to solve the unscientific practice of the movement of different vehicles at the same time in the same direction. With the help of modern technology, different modes of transport can be brought under one unit. Kochi Open Mobility Network is an initiative led by KMTA, aimed at the awakening and comprehensive upliftment of the public transport system in Kochi”
– Manojkumar Kunnath, Secretary, Kotta Online Taxi Association (KOTA)
“KOMN will be extremely helpful in combining public transportation services such as taxis, autos, metro trains and buses. This network will be especially useful for taxi drivers in the unorganized sector to free themselves from corporate exploitation”
– Shajo Jose C, Founder, Yellow Cab Drivers Society

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